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      • Physical surveys
      • Creation and submission of Route Survey Doc to the Right of Way (ROW) section for ROW application
      • Iterations in Survey Docs to meet ROW requirements
      • Drawing up of detailed design/planning and/or compiling of costing/quoting
      • Submission and acceptance on Detailed Designed Doc from the customer
      • Reporting and interaction with Project Management -, Right of Way -, Finance – and Management teams
      • Client interaction and interfacing
      • Output No. 1

        Processed Applications

            • Sub-outputs:
              • Receive and record applications
              • Analyse and validate applications
              • Liaise with relevant parties
              • Initiate planning process
              • Feedback information

        Output No. 2

        Conduct Feasibility study

            • Sub-outputs
              • Gather information
              • Analyse information
              • Perform preliminary planning
              • Conduct site survey
              • Determine infrastructure requirements
              • Provide feedback
              • Capture information on relevant software systems

        Output No. 3

        Compiled detailed planning document

        Compiled Engineering Specifications detailed Right of Way document

            • Sub-outputs
              • Submit requests to other related parties
              • Perform detailed dimensioning
              • Compile work instructions / statement of works
              • Capture information on relevant software systems

        Output No. 4

        Compiled “Bill of Quantities” (Quote or Estimate)

            • Sub-outputs
              • Capture detailed estimate including
                • Compile material list
                • Compile labour requirements
              • Capture information on relevant systems

        Output No. 5

        Compiled as Built Documentation

            • Sub-outputs
              • Obtain all relevant documentation (e.g., way leaves, Redline drawings, Site Instructions, etc.)
              • Capture information on relevant systems
              • Forward as Built file to external or internal implementation manager
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