• Physical surveys
      • Creation and submission of Route Survey Doc to the Right of Way (ROW) section for ROW application
      • Iterations in Survey Docs to meet ROW requirements
      • Drawing up of detailed design/planning and/or compiling of costing/quoting
      • Submission and acceptance on Detailed Designed Doc from the customer
      • Reporting and interaction with Project Management -, Right of Way -, Finance – and Management teams
      • Client interaction and interfacing
      • Output No. 1

        Processed Applications

            • Sub-outputs:
              • Receive and record applications
              • Analyse and validate applications
              • Liaise with relevant parties
              • Initiate planning process
              • Feedback information

        Output No. 2

        Conduct Feasibility study

            • Sub-outputs
              • Gather information
              • Analyse information
              • Perform preliminary planning
              • Conduct site survey
              • Determine infrastructure requirements
              • Provide feedback
              • Capture information on relevant software systems

        Output No. 3

        Compiled detailed planning document

        Compiled Engineering Specifications detailed Right of Way document

            • Sub-outputs
              • Submit requests to other related parties
              • Perform detailed dimensioning
              • Compile work instructions / statement of works
              • Capture information on relevant software systems

        Output No. 4

        Compiled “Bill of Quantities” (Quote or Estimate)

            • Sub-outputs
              • Capture detailed estimate including
                • Compile material list
                • Compile labour requirements
              • Capture information on relevant systems

        Output No. 5

        Compiled as Built Documentation

            • Sub-outputs
              • Obtain all relevant documentation (e.g., way leaves, Redline drawings, Site Instructions, etc.)
              • Capture information on relevant systems
              • Forward as Built file to external or internal implementation manager

Project Administrator x 2 GTN

  • To ensure continuous development of skills and knowledge of customer systems and services as per the contractual agreement
  • To certify in the required skills/knowledge as per the new systems/services rolled out to the customer as per the project timelines
  • To co-ordinate and distribute all project documentation and contracts as per the agreed policies and procedures
  • To manage all projects assigned to them from time to time within budget and the required timelines
  • To compile daily/weekly/project/operational quotes and completing monthly billing for submission to finance according to company policies and procedures by the agreed cut-off date
  • To create operational documentation/policies and procedures/flowcharts as per the agreed internal/external standards
  • To compile and distribute weekly/monthly meeting minutes of all meetings held internally and externally
  • To adhere to customer code of conduct daily
  • To update, refine create policies and procedures that must be stored on the central database per change
  • To adhere to all customer desktop policies and procedures and completion of agreed documentation as per the agreed procedure with customer

Site Supervisor x 3 GTN

  • Provide leadership to a team and co-ordinating all work
  • Ensure effective management, optimisation and utilisation of Vulatel resources and infrastructure
  • Adherence to SLA requirements and service quality standards for all services that are delivered
  • Identifies risk areas and develops action plans to manage these risks, ensuring that approved procedures, policies, standards, processes and accepted best practices are implemented and adhered to in the maintenance environment
  • Always ensure that all work carried out is within the required H&S legislative requirements and/or as per the approved site-specific file
  • Interface with all stakeholders (Internal clients & External clients, subcontractors, engineers and suppliers)
  • Adhere to and ensures that the project delivers the solution, remains within budget, is delivered on time, while achieving quality criteria and maintaining client satisfaction
  • Demonstrates adequate team leadership, motivation, ability and business acumen. They should have a good understanding of, responsibility for and ability in all aspects of the full life-cycle of the assigned projects
  • Manages client satisfaction, commitment and expectations to high service levels and manages escalations adequately
  • Ensures that communication skills are demonstrated, fluent both in verbal or written form and assists in compiling site survey documents and as builds.
  • Is responsible for the closing out of projects and the accurate completion of all documentation pertaining to the project
  • Is responsible to keep safely all project contractual data (SHEQ File) for reference as and when required. The responsibility includes creation and collection of project records of all site activities and conditions as per internal QMS requirements. Records typically include the following:
  • Daily Site Diary
  • Daily Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification
  • Ensure on-site induction of visitors to site Safety Meeting
  • Site Progress Report Update
  • Ensure updates of Tools and Vehicle Log Sheets
  • Non-Conformances and close out reports
  • Technical Instructions and Concessions